Our Lisbon Guide

Today it´s freezing outside, so I thought I´d think of all the places i really love in Lisbon and share them with the ones that are coming to Lisbon, the ones that are here, and the ones that have been here.

Obviously i didnt put everything in the guide, that information you have to find me and talk to me personally, or just ask Julian Assange, maybe he knows more about Lisbon than i ;)



For the girls i choosed the blue by a reason. First, you all know that i love to surf, and to surf you need the beautiful ocean, and in the ocean you have the waves. Well the waves can be strong, unpredictable and they can hurt you, but they can also be magical, perfect and always beautiful, and for me that's just like girls/women are. This is why i choosed the blue for the girls.
Everytime i will be out there in the blue ocean, we will be closer ;)

Choosing the colors

The always complicated choice of the colors for the t-shirts was easy for me.
I choosed the red because of the energy that we have and that every one needs, to achieve whatever they want, the only thing is if you are in Spain with this t-shirt just run from the bulls ;)
And the dark and light grey are two colors that you can use with everything, a little bit like we should be with people, no matter people are different from you, you should get a long with them and smile to the differences
Get one t-shirt for you or someone you love and help us get through the rainny days