As I sit here staring at my computer screen trying to think of something to post, I find myself doing what I normally do when I find myself with a lack of inspiration. Instead of buckling down and focusing intensely on the task at hand, I start fiddling with my records and surfing the internet. The first record within reach was a strange single called "Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in," by Kenny Rodgers which was used in the Cohen Brothers, "Big Lebowski." I have always found this song strange because it sounds like nothing else "Kenny" has ever made. As I was listening I got even more distracted and found myself on Wikipedia reading about the song. Besides learning that the song was supposed to reflect the effects of an LSD trip and be a warning against the use of hallucinogenic drug use, I learned something much more important. Kenny Rodgers is...Portuguese, well ok, he wasn´t born in Portugal and probably can´t cook "bacalhau à bras" but he is of Portuguese decent and he does own a chain of grilled chicken restaurants. Inspiration at last! So, in honor of "The Gambler, " I decided to compile an audio-visual tour through the history of Portuguese music. Portugal has become internationally know for its melancholic sounds of Fado. Fado is Portugal´s equivalent to the Blues in the U. S. or Flamenco from Spain. A music born out of poverty and heartbreak, hardship and longing. It´s Portugal's contribution to the global music scene. But because of the cultural importance Fado has taken on in this country, a lot of other really amazing and just as culturally important music often gets slighted. So below is a small sampling of some of my favourite Fado, Rock, Experimental, Electronic, Folk and Hip-Hop, amoung other things, from Portugal.

Amalia Rodrigues is the most iconic of Portuguese Fado Singers.

Carlos do Carmo the Frank Sintra of Fado.

Carlos Paredes, the man with a thousand fingers, get my vote of for one of the most
talented musicians to come of of this country

Roberto Leal is a Portuguese-Brasilian Singer. In an opinion poll conducted by
Datafolha in Rio de Janeiro, asking what was the first famous Portuguese person
people could think of, Roberto Leal came in first, with 15%, ahead of
Pedro Alvarez Cabral (9%) and Luís de Camões (4%).

Somewhere between Pink Floyd and the Moddy Blues ,
10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte by Jose Cid is one of the
best progressive rock albums of all time.

António Variações, his recorded works blended contemporary music genres with
traditional Portuguese rhythms and melodies, creating music which for many is
symbolic of the liberalization that occurred in Portuguese society after
the Carnation Revolution

Blasted Mechanism is a Portuguese electro-rock band known for its highly
theatrical live shows involving elaborated alien-themed costumes as a backdrop
to their music.

Sara Tavares composes in Portuguese and Portuguese-based creole languages, born
in Portugal with Cabo Verdean Roots.

Sam the Kid, Portuguese Hip Hop Artist and Producer.

Sam the Kid using samples from Carlos Paredes

Clã (English: Clan) is a Portuguese Pop-Rock band of a mixed nature in terms of
style, ranging from moments of pure balladry, through jazzy details, to enthusiastic
pop songs.

Madredeus. Their music combines traditional Portuguese music (many times
erroneously associated with the subgenre of Fado with influences of modern folk music.
The lyrics are often melancholic and related to the sea or travelling or absence,
continuing a tradition of songs that dates back to Medieval times

Buraka Som Sistema is an electronic dance project from Portugal,
specializing in a fusion of techno beats with the African kuduru
genre, and are generally credited with creating the "progressive kuduro."

Micro Audio Waves, minimal and electronic artists.

Orelha Negra is a Portuguese Instrumental Hip-Hop band, that is one of my favourite Portuguese groups at the moment.