We are well into 2011 and while maybe this was the year that I should have impelled myself to start eating healthier, get more exercise and generally do a better job of looking after my body. There is one nefarious piece of slow roasted pork between two pieces of bread that sits on my shoulder whispering sweet greasy nothings into my ear which has made this resolution impossible. He goes by the name of "Bifana." A bifana is a sandwhich of sorts, comprised of strips of pork cooked in a red wine sauce and accompanied by mustard and spicy "piri-piri." In Portugal you can say that there are five basic meals a day. You have breakfast, lunch, dinner and packed in neatly on both sides of lunch you have snacking or "merendas." The way to snack properly in Portugal is not unlike the way in which a ninja carries out an assasination. It´s quick, relatively messy and without guilt. There are numerous ways both savoury and sweet in which snacking can done, but today we will focus on the most cholesterol raising method. In Lisbon there are no shortage of great places to eat a great bifana, and part of the fun of eating them is constantly trying new places in search of that perfect one. If you were to stop ten people on the street and ask where to get a good bifana you would probably get 10 different answers. While I have many favourite places all over the city to get my fix, there is one place in particular that I would like to share. Beira-Gare, across from the Rossio Train station , is a good place for anyones first bifana experience. The bifanas are good and it's large window stuffed full of other Portuguese snacks will satisfiy even the most pereverted of food vouyers. Don´t forget to ask for mustard and Piri-piri sauce. Beira Mare location