Don't Forget your SUNGLASSES --OO--

The best places ever partied are always the places you vaguely remember.

Have you heard the story of 'The Never Ending Nightlife,' its sequel 'DayLight'?
If not, it is because you spend too much time in your office.
Play with various acts on different stages, have them narrated and directed by someone like Chekhov, and star you and your sisters, or brothers of the night. Whether you are the type to wake up early or stay up late, there are plenty of clubs and bars in Lisbon that will suit your fancy. The downside- you may not want to go to these places everytime you decide to have a twenty four hour party, but more than likley you will end up there. At 6 oclock in the morning Lisbon streets are littered with party goers, you just have to know where to look and where to go, if you want to keep the party alive. Just north of the metro stop Cais do Sodre, there is an inclining street above the roundabout. On either side of this slope you can enter another world of bars and clubs. Sketchy entrance ways and newly born beams of sunlight may not encourage you to go inside, but if to just experience the random side of Lisbon, you will not want to miss these truly local gems. Eighties music and seventies singalongs, share space with blown speakers, sticky floors, mirrored walls, and dodgy people.
By this time of the night/morning, you shouldnt care about the atmosphere, as long as they are selling alcohol and playing music that keeps your legs moving. Expect to pay two euros a beer and five euro for cocktails at these places you hope your mom doesnt catch you in. If you've managed not to loose your diginty and it is seven in the morning, make your way along the riverside west of the same train station to clubs with an average 12 euro cover, even during the week. Dont forget your sunglasses, your smoke crusted eyes will be happy you didnt!