Eat a Fish, kill a Pigeon

With names like Tit's and Cock's, who doesnt love birds? Within the urban sprawl of Lisbon, you will probably see one type. The pigeon. The most well known pigeon is the Dodo bird. Unlike rats, we walk by them unconsciously. But, in mid-May my friends and I were enjoying 'almoço' and a few brews, only to be surrounded by a gang of our fellow city dwellers. It was then we decided to organize against them/use our wi-fi and find out exactly where these mutant spawn come from. Apparently, they grow to maturity at a record pace and one female pigeon can birth 30 eggs a year. Ironically however, only until they are the first to sample our lunch, foul on our head, our car, or dry clean only silk, do we want them dead!
If making things become extinct was a game amongst species on this planet, humans would be winning. We have successfully documented the extinction and endangerment of over 10% of the entire bird taxa. Of the 10,000 species of birds, astoundingly, there are 300 different types of pigeons. 15 are extinct. The past few weeks I have documented the number of dead pigeons on my way to work, an average 3 a day. That's 15 a week.
Why are the roosting rats dying in Lisbon?
Scientifically speaking, fish and birds have always had a high correlation of simultaneous death. In Lisboa for the entire month of June we celebrated Festa de Lisboa. Consuming 100 tons of sardines. Ironically for the pigeons, they probably were sacrificed to this scientific method, by choking on left over fish bones, or poisoned by old alcohol. Not to say us humans are killing them, but most of us have probably wanted at least one dead, sometime in our lives. In America the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, which was the most abundant bird on the planet, happened in the early 1900's. The last one lived a long and happy life in captivity, her name was Martha. The over abundance of the urban Rock Pigeon should be seen as the pigeons call to arms. In-sighting visions of Alfred Hitchcock movies, not to mention pandemic salmonella poisonings and avian flu. Such issues spell the extinction of humanity and should not be taken lightly. So the next time you see a pigeon, remember Martha & the Dodo. We have killed them off before and if they continue to foul our dry cleaning or corner us at cafés, we will do it again. How much does W.H.T.T. love birds? Follow us on our favorite-Twitter, @wehateallbirds.