It all started...

It all started in a day of rain, the first day of rain in Lisboa, after the summer. The sky was full of dark clouds, the city was grey, the buildings were wet and the people had a calm look in their faces. The jeep was parked, no hills for him that day, and no driving for me either.
Even do i decided to walk the streets that i usually pass driving. It was raining and there was almost no one wondering around (you know how portuguese are afraid of the rain). I faced my fear also, as i was walking to Nossa Senhora do Monte, one of my favourite places in Lisboa.
Along the walk i couldnt stop thinking in all the people that came with me on the King of the Hills. i started to remember smiles, conversations, pictures taken, faces of beautiful girls, boys, men and women... all these thoughs helped me getting there to the top quicker than ever.