The T-shirt's

Another important thing was wich t-shirts i was going to use. I didnt wanted some bad quality t-shirts (and i have to be honest, Miguel wouldn´t let me do the work in some shity t-shirts either). So he showed me this t-shirt brand that he works with named SOL's. It´s a french brand but the t-shirts are produce in Bangladesh. But the best thing its that this company is one of the most active's in the world, in giving the best conditions of work and live to his workers and families, and they really do it. They are not the cheapest t-shirts in the market but at least we know where and how they were done.
And like in everything that i do, i dont like to hide nothing, and in this case, i could rip off the tags of the t-shirts and lie about where they were made, but no, all the t-shirts have their tag and we know that they are made in Bangladesh.