The feeling and the draw

When i arrived there, this always colourful and beautiful view, was grey and sad. There was no one there, except me. Normally i do well when im alone, but this time i started to feel this strange feeling, i was still thinking in everyone but this time i was getting sad, nostalgic and melancholic. I was with saudade.
You know "saudade" it's these Portuguese word with no translation or similar word in any language in the world. Normally i say that "saudade" its hard to explain but easy to feel, when you love and miss someone or something. Its good to have "saudade", because it means that you really loved to be there or to have something, and it's bad because you still love it but you dont have it with you anymore.
I started to think about all the emails i get back from the ones that had been in the trips with us and everyone had the same feeling about us and Lisboa. So i just realized that i founded the t-shirt for the We Hate Tourism Tours.
A t-shirt that could reflect the feeling that we have about everyone we tooked on a trip with us, a unique t-shirt with an unique word, and with a beautiful feeling in it.
So i draw and i draw always with the saudade inside of me, and while drawing i was feeling that i was closer to everyone. So i didnt stop drawing. And i found what i wanted...